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Note: holiday rates do apply and are subject to deposits as the sitter seems necessary.


Have a busy schedule during the day or need someone to check in a few times while you are traveling? This is a good option for you! We offer walks and drop in visits 7 days a week.
- Price varies on location.
($15-25 per visit)


Overnight stays in the sitter's home is a vacation for your pet! There is a large fenced in and shaded backyard, a dog room for all of their belongings, and 2 dalmatians of my own for 24 hours of play. Your pet will also have full range of the house. Have more than one pet in your family? Ask about our family rates.
($35-80 per night)


This option allows your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home on their routine schedule while the owner is away. The sitter will check in several times a day to let out and feed as well as stay the night in your home.
- Rates mainly vary on location of the client's home and visits wanted throughout the day .
- NOTE: We only have 1 sitter that offers this option and can only take 1 client per night. If this is something you are interested in, booking in advance is required. 
($60-100 per night)


We offer in-house daycare options for your pet during the weekends and holidays. We love keeping your animal whether it be for an Alabama game day or just to have a day full of play and snuggles. Spots are limited, so be sure to book in advance. Family rates are also available.
($25-40 per day)


Want something new or different for your kids birthday party or event? We can bring our adorable animals for everyone to enjoy. Our animals love humans just as much as we love them. We provide treats and toys for you to feed them and play with them. They even have a few tricks up their sleeve! They aren't just for birthdays either, animal rentals can be for school events, weddings, photo shoots, corporate events, and anything else you may want one of our dals or felines for. 

Dalmatians only rental:

- $100 for the first hour 

- $65 for each additional hour

Felines only rental:

- $60 for the first hour

- $35 for each additional hour

Dalmatians and Feline rentals:

- $150 for the first hour

- $80 for each additional hour

This price includes one handler, treats, toys, and basic transportation at the event. Anything else wanted will be at the cost of the client. Note, an additional transportation charge may be added to the packages depending on location of the event. 


Include your best friend in your special day or event. Let us give you a stress free day with your pet in attendance. Some options that are available are: making sure your pet is clean, providing transportation services, providing full care of feeding and clean up during the event, and providing an overnight stay the night before and after the event. See below for pricing.

- A additional transportation charge may be added to your package depending on the location and the travel time to the event. 

Gold Package

- 2 night stays (before the event and after)

- 6 hours at the event

- basic transportation


Silver Package

- 2 night stays (before the event and after)

-  4 hours at the event

- basic transportation


Bronze Package

- 1 night stay

- 4 hours at the event

- basic transportation 


Custom Package Option

Custom packages are available upon request.  A transportation charge will be added to all events to cover travel expenses. Minimum of 2 hours required for an event + $15 transportation fee.

($50 per hour, $45 per hour for 6+ hours)


Just because you can't get your pet to where it needs to be doesn't mean that it can't happen! We do drop off, pick ups, vet visits, dog park visits, and much more.
- Rates vary depending on service needed and location/distance.